Avaya Dubai Offering Exceptional Communication Services

Your business depends a lot on the strong communication. It would not be wrong to state that strong communication is the backbone of a business. Thus, you have to be quite wise in the selection of your phone system. One popular choice in the business world is Avaya Dubai. The quality services of Avaya would not let you down, and you would be impressed by this phone system as it would make your business flourish. Now when you are looking in for real quality, then Vector Digitals would be the perfect selection for you and they can facilitate you with the best Avaya phone.

Why To Opt For the Avaya Phone System?

You need to decipher your business needs and figure out which phone system would work out best for you. The Avaya phone system would be the right choice, and you would just find out why.

  • Facilitating improved productivity: You need to opt for dependable and reliable phones for your business. When the network is down, it affects the level of productivity, and you would not want that for sure. The Avaya phone would help to improve the productivity of your business, and you would not be haunted by the fear that the productivity of your business would experience a decline.
  • Experience the much-needed mobility: The best thing about Avaya phone is that it is compatible with cell phones and PDA. The Avaya can easily connect to PBX, and you would be able to get the mobility you need. The cell phones are the most important tool for the sales team, and the Avaya keeps them connected. The exclusive find me feature is a great option, and the network can call on your cell phone.
  • Saving your precious time and money: When you have Avaya, you just have to be concerned about one cable. Initially, you had to worry about the T1 line and the phone line. The Avaya phone is useful in creating a converged network, and a single cable is utilized for both the voice and data. Avaya is truly a cheaper and a better solution.
  • Best IP Office: If you want to create a proper system for your company then Avaya is the right choice. Avaya offers an IP office that is most appropriate for medium sized businesses. IP office is the perfect selection for those companies that want to opt for IP phones in the future. The main advantage of IP office is that you just need to have the basic framework. You can keep the system that you already have, and you can switch whenever you feel the need.
  • Media gateway and servers: Avaya media gateway and server allows those businesses that have multiple locations to access a single server. One single server needs to be installed at one central location. The Gateway has to be put up at each of the satellite location. This way all the places will be linked together.

Best Avaya Dubai Systems


The following are some of the best Avaya Dubai systems.

  1. Avaya 1400 series: These phone systems are designed to expand your communication needs. When you are opting in for the Avaya 1400, you would be having this easy access to some of the most common features. If you are looking in for ease of use this phone is simple perfect. The easy prompts help you with the use. The soft keys would be giving you the contextual guidance that you may require. Another highlight about this Avaya phone is that it combines some of the best features of the present and the past.
  1. Avaya conference phones: If you are looking in for a sophisticated mode of communication then this phone is truly the best choice. This phone makes use of the Omnisound technology that helps to ensure a clear transmission. Thus, the participants can enjoy a meeting and would not have to miss out on any aspect of the discussion because of the Avaya phone. This phone has several enhanced features as well that include video conferencing, web and audio environment. Thus by selecting this phone you can easily address the needs of different users in your enterprise so opt in for Avaya conference phone.
  1. Avaya 9400 series: The Avaya 9400 series delivers a crystal clear audio and has a smart design. The biggest quality about these phones is that they are quite easy to use, and this is what makes these phones the very best. If you have an IP telephony environment, then this phone would work ideally well for you. The Avaya 9400 series is truly one of the best communication solutions.
  1. Avaya Voicemail Pro: It offers a great customization for your mailbox. The Voicemail Pro has a server and client program. The email alerts are sent using MAPI and SMTP. This way the user can easily get to know when there is a new mail in the inbox. It supports about four voicemail users at the same time. The messages are played to the user in a sequence. Thus, the caller’s response to the questions can be recorded with ease.

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    Getting Avaya Phones for Your Business

    When you want to get an Avaya phone for your business make sure that you contact Vector Digitals. There are various ways through which you can get in touch with the service. The best approach would be to drop in an email, and you would be able to get all the answers to your queries. Working with this service is a great experience on its own. You can even call up the service for your help.  This way you can get this basic idea regarding what the service would have to offer to you. Thus, get in touch with this service right away and you would be contented with the results that come your way. This service would not turn up as a disappointment for you so do not miss to get the Avaya phones at the earliest.