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Organizations are shifting towards a more advanced approach with the development in technology. The emergence of VOIP technology redefined the way business communicates and make the business more productive and engaged. Now businesses are accepting VOIP technology to make the communication cheaper and effective. Besides the reduced communication costs, VOIP technology integrates the business communication in an effective way. In an advanced system, there are devices available to connect the traditional phone system to VOIP system. Known as the VOIP gateways, it enables the business to enjoy the benefits of VOIP by keeping your traditional set up in place. VOIP gateways create seamless office environment by connecting your traditional lines to the VOIP systems. If your business in Dubai needs to implement gateway solutions, it is worth to approach a reliable IP telephony provider who is skilled in deploying VOIP gateway Dubai. They help you get the best solution that makes your business connected.

VOIP gateway solutions with the leading IP telephony provider in Dubai

Choosing the right VOIP gateway in Dubai is no more a complex task now. With the help of leading IP telephony provider in Dubai, your answer to a wonderful communication solution is safe. As an experienced VOIP solution provider we have hands-on experience to deliver state of the art systems with the world leading VOIP products. With the gaining popularity, more businesses are accepting VOIP technology as the basis of enterprises. Compared to the traditional system, VOIP offers greater integrity, flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

VOIP analog Gateway and VOIP Digital gateway Dubai

There are two types of VOIP gateways and it includes VOIP Analog gateways and VOIP digital gateway. VOIP analog gateway combine the legacy phone system to an IP network to make the communication possible via internet. Leading VOIP analog gateway Dubai is compatible to use with the leading IP PBXs and in the SIP-based environments. This is a wonderful product for the business with the traditional equipment (analog PBX) who want to connect to the VOIP services without changing the network infrastructure. The variants of VOIP analog gateway includes the FXO gateway and the FXS gateway.

  • FXO gateway: FXO gateways are a suitable solution to your telephone communication systems. The FXO gateways we use are trusted and branded and are compliant with the VOIP gateway standards. We deliver great value on the best performing FXO gateways which have a significant place in the communication world.
  • FXS gateway: Through FXS gateway system, it will be possible to connect a varied set of analog phones to make and receive the VOIP calls over the Internet. This system is suitable for offices having the legacy telephone systems and can it be implemented to make the communication among the branch offices.

We are specialized in offering a scalable and reliable FXS gateway and FXO gateway system in Dubai to organizations who are looking for the feasible call solutions through Internet.

Here are some of the Features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Conference calls,
  • Caller ID
  • SIP supporting
  • Echo cancellation

VOIP Digital gateways are ideal for connecting the traditional system to a VOIP system. VOIP Digital gateway Dubai is widely used in enterprises with the TDM systems including the E1/T1 PBX to connect to VOIP without changing the PBX infrastructure. Different brands come with the different ports for the connectivity. There are other VOIP gateways available with us such as the Net Border VOIP gateway and Net Border SS7 VOIP gateway.

If you are looking for a VOIP gateway solution Dubai, it is worth to get the system from us.

GSM gateway: There has been an increase in the ratio of calls to mobile networks; with the current telephone systems the companies really have to pay high on fixed calls to mobile calls. GSM gateway is an ideal solution in bringing profitability to the organizations. We are expertise in incorporating GSM gateway with the GSM networks directly into the existing telephone infrastructure. Using the GSM gateways will reduce the communication costs and other communication overheads. We also offer gateways that provide continuous connectivity to 3G networks.

Providing state of the art VOIP solutions to the industries across UAE

Technology has changed the way the business operates. Being a leading IP telephony provider in Dubai, the customers are accepting the change in technology. Whether you need to upgrade the systems or to implement new systems we have the right VOIP solutions in Dubai. We deliver clients the best approach available in the industry now. We are here to help you for a better and refined solutions. Our method is simple, hence our solutions are clear and obvious. We understand your business well and recognize your needs in a greater way. Our services are available in other emirates as well and it includes Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman. The operations we perform are in tune with the advanced technologies and as per the guidelines.

We understand your need in detail. Consult with us for a great VOIP Gateway in Dubai

Analog Gateway


NeoGate TA Analog VoIP Gateway Dubai is cutting-edge products which connect legacy telephones, faxes and PBX systems with IP telephony networks and IP-based PBX systems. Featuring rich functionalities as well as simple configuration, NeoGate TA is great for medium and small enterprises that want to integrate the conventional telephone system into a IP-based system.

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GSM Gateway


NeoGate TG GSM/CDMA/UMTS Gateways connect GSM / CDMA / UMTS network to VoIP network directly and support two-way communication: GSM/CDMA/UMTS to VoIP and VoIP to GSM/CDMA/UMTS. It’s the best answer ever for connecting IP-based phone systems, and softswithces to GSM/CDMA/UMTS network; as well as the best fallback solution when landline goes down.

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E1/PRI Gateway


NeoGate ISDN VoIP Gateway bridges the gap between ISDN phones lines and VoIP network. It is available with single-span and dual span E1/T1/PRI gateway, and 4-port BRI gateway. Each connects existing legacy PBX using BRI/PRI interfaces, or adds BRI/PRI trunks for IP-PBX.

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