Grandstream in Dubai: Company Introduction and Product Range

Grandstream is praised for its quality products, however, to enjoy its benefits. You need to make sure you are buying from the right reseller. We are the leading Telecom Distributor in UAE who not only provides you with latest products but also with reliable services.

Introduction to Grandstream

Grandstream Network, Inc. is the award-winning designer of telecommunication products and solutions. This company has also earned the ISO 9001 certificate on behalf of its top-notch line of communication systems. Grandstream offers a quality range of next generation IP voice and video telecom products.

Its product range is perfect for the broadband networks. Also to providing reliable products. Grandstream also excellences in Video and Audio quality. Since its introduction, this company has made a name for itself on behalf of its feature rich product line that is in full compliance with the industry standards. Still, this company is improving its broad interoperability with service providers and third-party SIP VoIP products, this company known for its daring innovations; it has won hearts with its affordable and superior value.

Grandstream was incorporated in 2002 since then this company has been growing rapidly. After its incorporation, 2003 marked the first year of its product shipment. This promise led to the long run of 2 digit year over year annual growth rate of revenue. Al the credit goes to its comprehensive and qualitative range of products, top-tier services and commitment to premium user experience.

What makes Grandstream Better?

Grandstream provides you reliable and customizable branch solutions. The telephone systems supplied by this company are scalable and adaptive without a hitch. Grandstream phone configuration is simple. Yes, you don’t need extensive knowledge about the phone system infrastructure to use these phones. All you need is some basic knowledge and a manual of these products.

The Grandstream Dubai solutions meets all requirements of your business. Despite the size of your business, this company will scale the telephonic system from three to two thousand extensions. It also provides your business with Expandable PBX modules that you can adjust according to your needs.


Grandstream IP PBX systems integrate the PBX functions along with the reliability of IP technology. With this, you will only get to enjoy quality communication that helps you improve your business. Also to providing you with exclusive user experience, this company also provides you with telephonic messaging solutions, IP networking, Wireless Mobility and even Voice over IP.

The Grandstream UAE makes your business productive. With its safe and secure telecommunication system, it provides you with easy call management with far most advanced handsets. Apart from these, this telecom company also provides call center solutions.

Grandstream Product Range

We understand your business needs, and therefore we provide you with reliable IP and Video solutions within your budget. We provide Grandstream in UAE and being the leading Telecom Distributor in Dubai, we not only offer you these products but we also integrate these. Take a look at the Grandstream product range and see how it can make your daily telephonic communication easy.

Grandstream IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

The Grandstream Dubai UCM series IP PBX come with the far most advanced features. These are easy to manage thanks to their enterprise quality features that are ideal for small to medium business. These systems don’t need any license fees.

 Yes, the Grandstream doesn’t cost you per feature. Also, this company also doesn’t charger with additional recurring costs. All the products in Grandstream PBX range comes with advanced hardware platforms along with robust resources.  The UCM series is well known for its flexibility and for providing the turnkey solutions for video, voice and mobility applications. These applications also include Fax and Video Communication.


Grandstream IP Phone Range

Being one of the leading brands in Telecommunication, Grandstream in UAE rose through the ranks with respect to its dedication. Grandstream phones have recorded to be best-sellers, thanks to reliability and functionality. What makes this brand so well received is it offers a broad range of high-end products designed according to the needs and budget of their customer.

With its compliance to industry standards and the promise of quality, this brand took the market with its innovative ideas. This brand build a positive image on behalf of its qualitative product range but its business mindset. The Grandstream PBX systems are tailored according to the needs of small to medium business while keeping their affordability in mind. This brand gives their clients confidence by introducing a vast range of IP phones.


Grandstream Enterprise Phone Range

As a Telecom Distributor We carry The Enterprise Phone Range from Grandstream  in Dubai , provides top-line sound quality. Also, these phones come with excellent functionality. The Enterprise product range is a company with SIP product as it works with a broad range of VoIP PBX systems. These phones apart from being qualitative and reliable, these are also quite affordable as compared to others.

The Grandstream Enterprise phones come with multi-line indicators, POE, high-quality audio and hands-free speakerphone. Also to these features, the Enterprise phones also allow broad Interoperability.  These phone make an ideal choice for small to midsize business. Known for making a right balance between high-end quality and affordability, the Enterprise phones from Grandstream fits all your business needs.