D-Link Telephone Systems Dubai

Having a reliable and advanced telephone system is a necessity in today’s changing world. The advent of VOIP technology has extremely changed the communication landscape – it brings the business much closer, made the communication cheaper, improves the productivity and efficiency among employees, enable to share the information rapidly, reduce the communication costs to a great extent and many. With the gaining momentum, enterprises are turning their attention to implement this technology at their workplace.A large number of benefits caused many businesses to replace the conventional systems with the internet based telephone systems or VOIP/IP systems. You can exploit the power of communication with advanced IP PBX systems to make the communication influential and reliable. It is important for the business in Dubai to implement advanced communication systems and choosing the right telephone systems seems to be daunting for most companies. An experienced IP telephony provider can help you pick the right solution that helps you meet the desired communication goals.

Getting the solutions with D-link IP PBX system in Dubai

Engaged to the designing and manufacturing, D-link is a renowned name in the domain of IP systems. The company is involved in the production of various telephone systems that cater to the varied communication needs. Combined with a variety of features and functionalities, D-Link telephone systems are the perfect choice for the industries that need quality communication solutions. As a solution provider in Dubai, we are counted as the leading IP telephony provider in Dubai. As well we deal with the D-Link IP PBX systems Dubai, gateways, IP phones to the varied customer demands.

Moving with the current trends in the market

It is imperative for the businesses to have the telephone systems that meet various communication needs. When it comes to the business communication needs, it is wise to pick the choice of D-Link IP PBX systems. The systems are able to meet the complex requirements that arise in any type and kind of business environments and will take your business to newer heights. With the highly advanced features and options, D-Link IP PBX system initiates a quicker communication and greatly reduce the overhead associated with the infrastructure.

The portfolio of D-Link systems comprises of IP phones, IP PBX systems and gateways. The family of IP phone consists of 400 series SIP business phones, 150 series IP phones, Android Video phones and 120SE SIP Phone.

  • D-Link’s 400 series phones; these are perfect for both the home and office use. Combine with the advanced VOIP technology, your business can make use of this series IP PBX phones for cost-effective calling and increase the productivity. It helps your business to collaborate more than ever with your clients, branch office employees, staffs etc…This system can store up to 100 contacts and is able to deliver high definition clarity sound.
  • D-Link Android Video IP phone; it is a good option to streamline your business communication requirements. This color IP video phone is combined with the audio, video features and applications. The large display and its ease of use make it perfect for the busy executive people.
  • The D-Link’s 150 series phones are designed for the office purpose communication. With the beautiful design and features it is good for varied business requirements.

Like the D-Link IP phones, D-link IP PBX systems are well known to the industries across UAE. We make your business communication complete with the D-Link telephone systems in Dubai. The IP PBX family is included with SMB Enhanced IP-PBX, Enterprise enhanced IP-PBX, SMB IP PBX etc… These systems have been designed to be used in a business of varied sizes. Here are some of the D-Link Telephone systems.

  • To meet the medium to large communication requirements, the ideal choice of a telephone system is D-Link enterprise enhanced IP-PBX (DVX 9000). Embedded with many advanced features, this D-link IP PBX systems take your business to advanced levels – it makes the communication faster than before and reduces the communication costs drastically.
  • If your business wants the traditional PBX features within the modern telephone systems, then D-Link SMB IP PBX (DVX-2005F) is a powerful choice. Voice mail, auto-attendant, music on hold and some other useful features make it really worth to your organization. This PBX system can support up to 100 extensions and it comes in two different variants including the DVX-2005F with 8 FXO modules and DVX-2002F with 2 FXO Ports.
  • For the business that needs 300 extensions and advanced features then the wise choice is to select D-LINK SMB enhanced IP-PBX system. It is suited to all kind of business. It comes with the phone Conferencing Bridge allowing your business to have a conference meeting with the help of web software.

We are specialists in designing and implementing communication set up with all these D-Link IP PBX systems.

Why D-Link?

With so many features, D-Link telephone systems are increasingly becoming the choice of businesses across UAE. D-Link are renowned for delivering a perfect solution without any issues. Whatever be the requirements you have, D-Link has the lineup of products that satisfy all your communication goals. The hardware and software flexibility plus the additional functionalities make the D-Link telephone systems a promising pick to many businesses. The wide assortment of advanced D-Link phones and systems means, the business is reaping the benefits in terms of productivity and profitability. Our services are available in other parts of emirates as well including Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah and Ajman.