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It is important in this age to accept VOIP technology for a refined and effective communication solution. Telephone systems should be improved quickly since they are an important asset to your business. The cost of doing communication is high with the traditional phone systems, however, through VOIP based telephone systems you will be able to have effective communication, keep your cost under control, and maintain a desirable profit. Once you have decided, It is better to determine your objectives before making a transition from the old telephone system to IP-based systems such as the limitations of your current phone system, enterprise’s main business goals and the type of system your business need to achieve the desired goals. To ensure a smooth changeover, its best to implement VOIP based system for your business. You can get the systems for your business in Dubai from a leading IP telephony provider in Dubai.

Getting the VOIP/IP solutions from the leading IP telephony provider in Dubai

We are the leading innovative unified communication solution provider that enrich business communication. Our IP solutions integrate voice, data and video services effectively and allow the business to achieve new heights.

Some of the benefits of the IP telephony includes:

  • Reduced communication overheads
  • Long distance calls make easy
  • Converged communication possible
  • Advanced security
  • High productivity and efficiency
  • Integrate with the CRM software easily and other phone applications.
  • Can change the location easily
  • Enhances productivity

IP phones play an important role in IP telephony systems. IP phones use VOIP technology for making the communication possible over an IP network. When it comes to communication, your business in Dubai need good IP phones in Dubai and as an IP telephony provider, we deal with branded systems that deliver perfect communication. We are good at providing SIP-based solutions as well. With the SIP phones Dubai you can boost the experience of using VOIP phones as it allows users to include multimedia in their calls. We deal with the major brands available in the market and the portfolio of IP phones include Yealink phones, Grandstream IP phones, Cisco SIP phones, Snom IP phones, Fanvil IP phones, Sangoma IP phones and Polycom SIP phones.

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    Discovering an IP phone is easy now

    VOIP technology has opened up endless opportunities where it makes the communication as if it is happening as real. It opened up possibilities to the business to connect more customers, make more business out of it and so. No matter the kind and size of the industry, our IP solutions in Dubai makes the communication quick and take your business to new level. Investing in the IP systems is an important choice as far as the business is concerned. Being an experienced player in UAE, we understand what kind of value drives a business and how it will be effective and efficient for your business. With our experience and solution, we know what kind of system is best suitable for your business. Our solutions are a great opportunity for our clients to get the advanced and reliable communication solutions with the IP phones and SIP phones Dubai. Some of the types of IP phones comprises Desktop IP phones, USB IP phones, wireless IP phones, video phones, and softphones and conference phones.

    • Desktop IP phones; these are often used in the business environments. It connects to your VOIP phone system via Ethernet and does have the features that you expect.
    • USB phones: you can connect these phones directly to your computer with USB jack. You can use a USB phone in combination with a softphone application.
    • Wireless IP phones: These type of phones has a built-in Wi-Fi or DECT transceiver that connects to the base station. Wireless IP phones Dubai allow you to move freely around and focus on other aspects of job whilst on call.
    • Softphone: it is a software installed on your PC that allows you to call from PC.
    • Conference IP phones: IP conference phones are useful in large and small business environment where it includes multi-party phone calls.

    Moving with the leader in IP telephony solutions UAE

    Most of the advanced IP phones Dubai come with the feature of high definition audio, conferencing facility, interoperability, speed dials, support for multi lines etc… These phones are equipped with the high-end security features. The IP phones we supply are guaranteed and SIP compliant. The systems will work even with most of the popular VOIP/IP telephone systems available in the market. Whatever your choice be, whether you need multiple line phones or highly featured system we have the solution for you at an affordable rate. We provide conferencing solutions and systems, networking solutions, telephone systems and the surveillance solutions. In Dubai, UAE we are the leaders who are able to provide all kind of solutions for the IP phones Dubai and SIP phones Dubai requirements. We have years of experience in delivering  perfect solutions to industries such as hospitality, retail business, governments, financial institutions, educational institutions etc…. Our services are not confined in Dubai only, we have our services available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman.

    Yealink provides one-stop Communication Terminal  Telephone prodcuts for businesses of all sizes. Its wide product range satisfies diverse customer needs and usage scenarios.

    D-Link VOIP phones. These VoIP phones represent the complete DLink offfering in the SIP phone market.Dlink IP Phones integrate remote employees with inbuilt VPN service.

    panasonic sip phones

    Compact design, HD voice, SIP IP Phone from Panasonic. Improve productivity & user friendliness  with feature-rich SIP phones that are easy to deploy and operate .

    Move from Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones. Replace your existing analog and digital phone deployments with  quality, feature rich IP communication endpoints from Cisco.

    Polycom enterprise-grade telephones are easy to use. With phones available for the small businesses to largest, Polycom Phones should be your choice for Sip IP Phone.

    MOCET phones combine elegant design with key features to ensure that your business communication needs are met.Amazing HD audio and video quality phones.

    RTX Wireless System  is a complete turnkey solution offering a scalability not seen before in this segment. This allows the system to grow from 1 to 200 phones in one network

    Mobile , Desktop,  Softphone from Counterpath.The Bria APP available for Iphone , Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Mac and windows.Enjoy the freedom of office calls in mobile.

     Office Phone System Supply and Installation

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